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Pratyaksha Ganapathy

Aum Maha Ganapataye Namah. Sri Swamiji singing a powerful collection of Ganapthy Bhajans captured live during Ganapati festival at Toronto.
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On Sunday 31st August the Ganapati festival day had come and was the last major festival in the 2003 Nada Prasara Tour.

After Sri Chakra Puja, Swami Manasa & Prasad performed the traditional VARA SIDDHI VINAYAKA VRATA. Sri Swamiji moved amongst the congregation while participants were performing the Vrata(Ganapati Puja). Many felt that Maha Ganapati himself was appearing in person when Sri Swamiji came and stood in front of them. What better a PUJA PHALA than getting SAdguru Seva, verily the Ganapati incarnate came to you when you do Ganapati Vrata(Puja) on Ganapati festival day! Many were moved to tears of happiness and spiritual bliss and ecstasy.

Sri Swamiji then gave the Ganapati festival message and blessed the congregation with Ganapati Mantra and the beautiful bhajans captured on this CD.

Album Contents
  1. Nayakam Vinayakam 4:53
  2. Pahi Pahi Gajanana 3:57
  3. Gana Gana Gana 6:09
  4. Galadana Gandam 7:47
  5. Moda Modalu 2:11
  6. Vinayaka Vinayaka 4:14
  7. Balaka Priyane 6:03
  8. Siddhi Duta 2:24
  9. Mooladhara 4:29
10. Sri Vignaraja 3:10

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