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Nada - The Music of Divinity

Music for Meditation and Healing. Live in London - West Minster Hall, 14th June 2008 by His Holiness Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji.
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As part of His Holiness Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji’s 66th Birthday Celebrations, a special Music for Meditation and Healing concert was organized by Datta Yoga Centre U.K in the Central Hall, West Minster, London on 14th June 2008.

Spiritual Music for Meditation & Healing by His Holiness Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji has always been held in high esteem for its inherent power and soothing nature. Sri Swamiji’s inborn spiritual energies are combined with musical energy, Ayurveda, Astrological and Crystal powers.

For many years, Sri Swamiji has been performing Healing and Meditatin concerts with steady growing success in India and in western countries. Playing and singing His own compositions, He is accompanied by excellent musicians on classical Indian instruments. The chosen Ragas – supported by the manifold sounds of His synthesizer harmonise the body and the mind of the listener. Many people have been healed by listening to Sri Swamiji’s music. Sri Swamiji has introduced meaningful self-compositions with themes of divine love and spiritual feelings capturing the undertones of harmonic Raga Ragini Vidya. He has opened new vistas in therapeutical uses of classical music, which He has experimented on audience in such assemblies as live concerts, thereby uniting the whole humanity. Voice of God is voice of music in its pristine purity.

The central piece of the program was “Janmotsava Raga Sagara” – a special composition comprising of the following Ragas – Abhogi, Veena Vaadini, Hamsanandi, Neela and Shubhapantuvarali. While exposing these Ragas, Sri Swamiji touched all the 12 pitches in musical scale and further these Ragas correlate to the five natural elements (Pancha Maha Bhootas). The musical play of Pujya Sri Swamiji was scholarly and mesmerizing.

Dr. L. Subramaniam’s violin play along with Sri Swamiji’s music was a special feature of this concert. The acclaimed bowman’s soothing and soulful play enhanced the music. Other musicians who accompanied Sri Swamiji were: Jaitra Varanasi and Ambi Subramaniam on Violin, Mani on keyboard, RS Ramesh on Mrudangam and Srinivas Mahesh on Tabla.


Album Contents
  1. Pranava Svarupam 7:35

  2. Janmotsava Raga Sagara

     (Ragas: Abhogi, Veena Vaadini, Hamsanandi, Neela & Shubhapantuvarali)

  3. Jaya Jaya Jayee Bhava 7:04

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