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"Those who wish to escape from the grip of fear must practise Nama Sankeertana" - says Sri Swamiji, who has been a passionate practitioner and proponent of Bhajan singing.

Tens of thousands of devotees have found solace and peace in this path.

But Sri Swamiji's activities go far beyond the musical sphere. In India, He is revered as a great Yogi and Saint and has held numerous inspiring Yoga classes all over the world. In His Ashrama in Mysore, South India, He is known for cultivating the old Vedic traditions and His social activities are many. Charitable trusts, founded by Sri Swamiji are also supported by the music productions.

We are confident that the devotees will greatly benefit by listening to and singing these wonderful Bhajans.

Album Contents
1.  Dum Dum Durga
2.  Dvadasha Peethadhishtathreem
3.  Madalamba Mookamba
4.  Yoga Meenakshi Stotram
5.  Narahari Sundari Jayalakshmi
6.  Kalayeham Kaamakshim
7.  Sri Gouri Te Nitya Neerajanam
8.  Namaste Jagattarini Trahi Durge
9.  Sri Raja Rajeshwari

Happy listening !!

Sri Guru Datta

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