Picture of Raga Sagara Live in Hyderabad 2006

Raga Sagara Live in Hyderabad 2006

Music for Meditation and Healing. Live in Hyderabad - 2nd April 2006
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The unimaginable symphony of Sri Swamiji's orchestra reverberated once again in Hyderabad at Nizam college grounds. It was an ocean of humanity, waiting patiently to listen to the eloquence of music. Raga Sagara had its own meaningfulness, purposefulness. Sri Swamiji in an authentic manner brought out the infinite complex network of Ragas and cast a spell on the whole audience. The musical odyssey like Raga Sagara had great influence upon the audience. The power of music reached a crescendo, when Sri Swamiji elaborated the Raga Hemavati with great depth of feeling. The message was clear. The physical universe with all its activities is a crystallization of an incomprehensible yet true, sound pattern. The psychic energy that emanated from Raga Sagara caused delicate thunder and drizzling even influencing the elements of nature.

His Holiness Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji has introduced meaningful self-compositions with themes of divine love and spiritual feelings capturing the undertones of harmonic Raga Ragini Vidya. He has opened new vistas in "theraReutical uses of classical music, which He has experimented on audience in such assemblies as Raga Sagara, thereby uniting the whole humanity. Voice of God is voice of music is its pristine purity. Nadanusandhanam is the keynote of His message. He was carrying a vast audience into an inner world and He was well supported by eminent musicians, who added color, quality and uniqueness to His music. This Live recording on 2nd April 2006 at Nizam collage grounds, Hyderabad brings to you the same wonderful feeling.

Album Contents

  1. Pranavaswarupam, Ragam: Rushyaketupriya 8:06
  2. Hamsanandi Ragam 3:32
  3. Sthapita Bhavita, Ragam: Nathabhairavi 17:46
  4. Krishnam Vishnum, Ragam: Sudhakalyani 10:27
  5. Shambho Samba, Ragam: Hemavati 26:26
  6. Mangalam, Ragam: Sama 2:04

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