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Inner Prayer

Music for Meditation and Healing. Composed by His Holiness Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji.Also called Inner Healing IV.
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"Shambho Saamba" 'is a prayer to Lord Shiva composed by Sri Swamiji during the Shivaratri festival in the year 2004.

Sri Swamiji has played the same song on the synthesizer in this album. The magical notes of music that emanate from Sri Swamiji's keyboard as well as the violin of Dr. L.Subramaniam complement each other as the composition gathers gusto and energy.

In the first track, we can feel the Raga developing with form and content. The entire track has no rhythm and the two great masters of music weave their creative magic taking the listener to ethereal heights.

The second track contains the composition on Lord Shiva "Shambho Saamba". The composition is in Hemavati Raga. Hemavati is the 58th Mela Karta, The notes are Sa, Ri2 Ga2, Ma2, Pa, Dha2, Ni2, Sa. The ascending and descending order is the same. In western notation, the notes are C, D E(flat), F(sharp), G, A, B(flat) C. The Raga has been greatly revered and used in classical Indian Music.


R.S. Ramesh – Mridangam

Srinivas Mahesh - Tabla

M.R. Manjunatha - Ghatam

T.A. Ramanujam - Morsing 


Album Contents
  1. Hemavati Raga Alapana 35:18
  2. Shambho Saamba 15:14

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