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Live in New Jersey

A High Quality DVD of Sri Swamiji's Music Concert in New Jersey back in 2003.
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The music presented here reaches far beyond our normal concepts of concert and composition. Each melody has been inspired through Raga Ragini Vidya, an ancient tradition revived by His Holiness Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji. By accessing the yogic wisdom of this tradition and blending the classic art of raga with references to contemporary music from all cultures, Swamiji dives into the cosmic ocean of Nada (sound). From the endless combination of possibilities, He creates music that affects various nadis (energy channels) and awakens the prana (life force) energy pulsating with each of us.

With decades of extensive research in the field of healing music, Sri Swamiji employs the use of ancient Indian sciences such as Astrology, Ayurveda, Crystaltherapy, Herbology, Mantra and Psychology, incorporating then into a holistic tool that He offers as “music for meditation & healing”. People from around the world have experienced physical, emotional and performances. We invite you now to relax the mind and surrender to the sound and vibrations of the music. 
Album Contents
  1. Aghanasana raga: Ganamurti
  2. Tripura Malinim raga: Latangi
  3. Raghupati Raghava raga: Kapi
  4. Palaya Mamiha raga: Hamsanandi
  5. New Hope Tune raga: Kiravani
  6. Raga Ragini Mangala raga: Sama

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