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Nada Brahma 2007

A Visual Display of the Sacred Brahmopanishad spontaneously composed by Sri Swamiji years ago in Germany at a Closing Down Studio (which came back to life and gained fame again). Directed by the famed Director Mani Shankar; this Video is one of the Best, High(est) Quality Video; explaining the philosophy of Guru.
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The goal of the Mystic is to achieve Unity with her inner being… to hew his/her way through the weird jungle of multiple selves… and discover the unmoving, unchanging, irreducible essence within… and in the process behold a joy beyond description.

The mystic achieves this unity in myriad ways. One of the easier ways is to surrender to divine music.

The word ‘Nada’ in Sanskrit corresponds to the word ‘music’ in English. But ‘Nada’ means a lot more than just music. It implies a vibration or rhythm that enlightens the listener, delivers him/her into the outstretched arms of his/her inner being.

‘Brahma’ in Sanskrit means a deity as well as primordial source of all creation, an all encompassing entity way beyond man and god.

‘Nada Brahma’ is therefore much more than music. It carries within its folds the seeds of enlightenment. If you plant the seed within your heart, nourish it with your time and attention, it will do its quiet magic. It will open secret doors within. It will deliver you to the deepest purest part of your inner being.

Composed and performed by His Holiness Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji of Avadhoota Datta Peetham, Mysore, a rare sage from India, using the classical Indian Raaga- Revati, Nada Brahma is a unique musical experience.

Exquisitely shot by the renowned director Mani Shankar, with breathtaking photography and a passionate eye for detail, the film Nada Brahma takes you on a serene journey with Sri Swamiji. This is a collection item, a film to cherish and experience again and again.

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