Picture of Nada Mantapa Kirtana (NTSC Format)

Nada Mantapa Kirtana (NTSC Format)

Famed Kannada Bhajans full of Energy and Life composed and rendered by Sri Swamiji at the Nada Mantapa of the Mysore Ashram. The Nada Mantapa itself is a Unique Structure which is a Symbol of Nada. It holds the Sacred Satpaswara Mantapa.
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‘Keertana’ simply means singing the glory of the Divine. That it is one of the foremost means of self-realization is very emphatically stated in Holy Scriptures. His Holiness Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji, who is a great exponent of Nadopasana says “Just as Bhojana (Food) is for the body, Keertana (singing the glory of God) is for the soul”.

“Nama Sankeertana is a very potent antidote to the problems of sorrow, distress and unhappiness in life. Through Nama Sankeertana, we not only succeed in dealing with material problems of life but also make significant advances towards our spiritual evolution” says Sri Swamiji.

Sri Swamiji has composed and sung innumerable Bhajans dedicated to the glory of God. Through His Bhajans, thousands of devotees have found solace and peace. The special significance of Sri Swamiji’s compositions is that they are rooted in Beejaksharas (subtle seed letters) and when sung, they produce such powerful vibrations which are capable of lifting the listeners from worldly gross existence to the transcendental experience of the soul.

In this album, we are bringing out 20 selected Kirtanas sung by Pujya Sri Swamiji in Nada Mantapa – the great music auditorium in Datta Peetham, Mysore. The specialty of these Bhajans lie in the fact they have been rendered in the vicinity of the unique Sapta Swara Devata Mandir located in the Nada Mantapa. This feature itself lends special sanctity to the Bhajans in this album.

We are sure that the devotees will greatly benefit by watching the video and listening to these unique Bhajans.


DVD Chapters

  1. Gana Gana Ganapati
  2. Mateya Madilu
  3. Bhuvanagala Palisuva
  4. Kalimala Nashini
  5. Ellaru Maduvudu
  6. Mareya Beda
  7. Annapurnege Namisuvevu
  8. Gowri Gowri Gururupini
  9. Nelesiru Devi Hrudayadali
  10. Nine Durgi Nine Lakshmi
  11. Vidya Matege
  12. Gam Gam Ganapati
  13. Pehale  Pehal Naman
  14. Namana Karo
  15. Datta Ke Guna
  16. Datta Nama Sukhadayee
  17. Datta Deva Deva
  18. Krishna Krishna Pahi Pahi
  19. Dattatreya Maan Pahi
  20. Vande Mukundam



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