Picture of Live in Minneapolis - USA(Video)

Live in Minneapolis - USA(Video)

Music for Meditation and Healing. Live in Minneapolis. Nada Prasara - 2003
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Music is a force that unites Humanity the world over.

Music is a harmonizing factor in today's world which is full of conflicts and tensions. Transgressing man-made frontiers, Music sends the message of harmony, peace and brotherhood. Musical Ragas (Tunes) are said to help treatment of patients with afflictions of physical and mental nature, in certain conditions.

Music is considered as fourth "Upaveda", namely - Gandharva Veda, in addition to Dhanuveda, Ayurveda and Artha Shastra. I use devotional music as a means of spiritual energy transmission" - Sri Swamiji says. Music will have no effect on you if you do not cultivate the art of listening. Listening is a special technique requiring Indriya nigraha or sense control.


This video album contains the live music concert recorded at Ted Mann concert hall in Minneapolis, USA on August 9th 2003 during Nada Prasara 2003 world tour of Sri Swamiji. The composition - Sthapita Bhavita in Nathabhairavi Raga was enchanting and the same is manifested in this album.

Album Contents
  1. Pranavasvarupam 11:08
  2. Palaya Gananatha 4:57
  3. Kalaye Lalitam 17:55
  4. Sthapita Bhavita 24:58
  5. Gauri Taye 41:23
  6. Italic Tune 4:39
  7. Raga Ragini Devi Mangalam 6:25

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