Picture of Sri Anjaneya Charitra (Hindi)

Sri Anjaneya Charitra (Hindi)

Sri Swamiji's teachings on the complete story of Hanuman in Hindi Language.

Sri Ganapathi Sachchidanda Swamiji, Divine incarnate of Lord Dattatreya has build many temples to inculcate Bhakti in His devotees. Many of these temples have Lord Hanuman installed as a diety. One might wonder how Sri Swamiji and Hanuman are related. Upon thinking further, we come to recognize Hanuman for His Shakti (Power and valor) and Bhakti (unflinching devotion that He had towards Rama) We also identify Hanuman as a symbol of Bhakti for His constant Rama Nama chanting, goal-directed and task-directed in accomplishing Rama Karya. We derive inspiration from Lord Hanuman when we are challenged with difficulties. Sri Swamiji, in His infinite grace, blessed us with the story of Anjaneya. Enjoy the Divine Nector in Hindi script.

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