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    "Music is my religion, Music is my language, Music is my soul and Music is my expression" - Sri Swamiji
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Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji's global mission lies in heightening the consciousness of the cross-sectional and heterogeneous world population to the Unity of the divine energies of Creation, Preservation and Dissolution as represented by the Datta Principle, the ultimate cosmic power symbolized as 'TRINITY' of Lord Dattatreya.

Pujya Sri Swamiji as an 'Enlightened Being' is Sanatana - the Eternal, the same 'One' all the time. Yet, every moment, He is 'Nootana', new and afresh. Every second, every moment, He radiates fresh rays of light. He may appear to be carrying a physical profile like any other human being but 'in' and 'out', He is the Supreme Light under whose cover all darkness vanishes. Sri Swamiji's magnificence and grace and humility have spelled wonderful effects on everyone who has come in contact with Him.

Sri Swamiji 's music is devotional and charged with spiritual energy.He creates a harmony not of musical notes but a harmony of human souls. His music is aimed at shifting the level of consciousness of the listeners helping them to experience inner peace, harmony and quietitude of mind. At wider level, His music fosters the bonds of friendship, goodwill and unity among, mankind. The unique feature of Sri Swamiji's music lies in its spiritual base. Founded on Raga Ragini Vidya and Raga Chikitsa - the great ancient knowledge pertaining to music, Sri Swamiji's music carries the spiritual energy-transmission effect. Sri Swamiji's music is the language and expression of soul to soul.

"Music is my religion, Music is my language, Music is my soul and Music is my expression".

- Sri Swamiji

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