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    "Music is my religion, Music is my language, Music is my soul and Music is my expression" - Sri Swamiji
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Experience is the highest way of understanding through experiences conciousness grows, which is the seat of joy we all are searching for.

It is easier to describe what Sri Swamiji does than to say who He is. To begin to know who He is one must experience Him, one must adopt the attitude of a seeker of God. His divine presence itself would turn, what would otherwise be an ordinary situation, into a spiritually charged, 'other worldly' situation. Even a fractional force of that 'divinity' cannot be depicted or transcribed by any pen on any paper, for; His divinity is a subject of 'Experience' alone, rather than empirical narration. Sri Swamiji speaks simply and to the heart in fact He is a silent teacher who teaches through our own love and devotion . To experience Him is to begin to know one's own true self.

   "People ask - who are you? Think and you will experience Swamiji for yourself. Some people say yogi, man of miracles, healer, doctor, yoga man, magician; other say he follows the vedic way; some say confusion man - all are correct. Each person has his own way of looking at me but I say I am not a spiritual business man."

- Sri Swamiji

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