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Take any religion of the world. Prayer is an essential component. Its modes and forms may be different. God, in His mercy has given only to man, this gift of prayer. Prayer has a tremendous potential.

The main prayers of the Ashram are chanted by devotees everyday during prayers. They contain the essence of Sri Swamiji's teachings. Chanting them everyday with complete devotion and concentration will ensure for us, the Divine guidance of Sadguru.

Prayer is aimed at self-correction and self-improvement. Our prayer to God should not be for the satisfaction of our physical needs and desires, but to elevate us from bondage to freedom. We pray to God, that we should remember Him whatsoever be the circumstance. Sincere prayers for the Lord's Grace wash off all our sins. Universal outlook and Universal prayer "Sarve Janaah Sukhino bhavantu - Samasta Sanmangalaani Bhavantu" bring us personal salvation. Pray to the Almighty with 100% percent fervor for his grace. Not even a straw moves unless He wills it-"Tena Vina truna mapi na chalati".

- Sri Swamiji

Text of Datta Stavam, Ashta Lakshmi Stuti and Sadguru Stavam can be downloaded from this link. Ashrama Prayers

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