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The goal of all Yoga is to unite human beings with God. Yoga is the joining of intellect and heart. The paths are many and seemingly confusing. Raja Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Nadopasana (music), Kundalini Yoga... These are but a few, and only a Master can explain their depths and differences

Datta Kriya Yoga , the science and practice of controlling the breath (Pranayama) is one method that Sri Swamiji teaches to improve health and peace of mind. Refer also to Avadhoota Datta Peetham on Datta Kriya Yoga. Sri Swamiji has taught many Datta Kriya yoga classes throughout the U.S. and personally trained Datta Kriya yoga teachers. Datta Kriya yoga classes are currently being taught at all the Datta Yoga Centers and Temples in the U.S. Hundreds of people have taken Datta Kriya yoga classes and received numerous benefits. People that have taken the classes are attracted to the simple explanations and demonstrations of different pranayama techniques. Many people are impressed by the effect of Pranayama in balancing the mind. In 1985 in Northeast Pennsylvania, Sri Swamiji explained the significance of breath control:

" Long breath, Long life. Short breath, short life...A long breath, a long Pranayama is beneficial for our nervous system and mental balance... Whoever practices long breathing will not be tired at all. Those with a short breath will become tired. "

" Many people are impressed by the effect of Pranayama in balancing the mind. Everybody faces problems related to health, wealth, office, children, house etc., we get upset, irritated, disappointed, and angry which depletes our energy. Then our nervous system works hard and our heart pumps rapidly wasting our precious energy. Through Pranayama, one can control breath, senses, food and other action."

- Sri Swamiji

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